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Implementation of the IGF mandate in Europe

It is proposed an IGF Europe as a subset of the IGF, outcome of the WSIS. The mandate is identical, which means that there is no need of any new negotiation between european stakeholders to join the IGF-Europe.

The natural UN institutional entity that relates to european stakeholders is the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe ( UNECE) part of ECOSOC. If the IGF relates directly to the UN, similarly the IGF Europe could interface with the UNECE which is conveniently seated in Geneva.

Stakeholders that are located, or with interests, in countries, from the Atlantic to the Oural, should be part of the IGF Europe. UNECE has 56 members, some ot them outside Europe. For all practical purposes, the IGF Europe membership would better correspond to stakeholders belonging to countries members of the Council of Europe. The Council of Europe could of course, also interface with the IGF Europe .

Our approach is distinct from a so-called EuroIGF, that is an entity more or less formal, related to EU parliament or commission, with a specific mandate, and quite likely with more power within the European Union. Of course the EuroIGF could fit within the IGF Europe .

In order that the IGF Europe could deliver effective outputs, and could to fullfil the IGF mandate, it is proposed to rely on dynamic coalitions as it has been proposed recently PDF file - ISO odt.

The IGF Europe yearly meeting could occur in May in Geneva, as a convenient date at mid-term bewteen two IGF meetings, before or after the WSIS Forum.