Task Force on Financing Mechanims & related GFC Documents

As a result of the WSIS (Phase I), a Task Force on Financing Mechanims (TFFM) has been established.
Its announced schedule ( ) as of July 2004, after the Hammamet meeting ( Nishimoto's speech 24 June 04 ) was the following :

  • April - Secretariat constituted with outreach to experts, partners at stakeholders at regional/global fora as feasible;
  • 11th June Brainstorming meeting with experts and partners to discuss scope and composition of the task force and content of report.
  • June- July Experts recruited to provide background papers and undertake research. Reporting on progress at WSIS- PrepCom 1 (24-26 June), information sharing with stakeholders and informal consultations at Hammamet, Tunisia. Launch of virtual consultation process on WSIS-online and outreach to stakeholders to secure inputs. Finalization of the scope and composition of the Task Force
  • Mid-Late September Launch of the Task Force with Initial findings/reports presented for its review. (first meeting – in person)
  • End - October First drafts of report chapters with case studies, etc., following consultations as needed
  • Early-November Circulation of draft report of the TF for comments and virtual consultations
  • Mid-November Compilation and incorporation of comments received into the report
  • End-November/Early-December 2004 Final in-person TF meeting, key working group members and secretariat to finalize and launch report, chaired by UNDP Administrator (second and final meeting in person)
  • Mid-End December 2004. Submit Report to the SG

It is clear that the schedule has not been followed as announced

Issues Paper Launch Meeting 4 October 2004, New York
The World Summit on Information Society (WSIS), the first phase of which was concluded in Geneva in 2003, recommended that "while all existing financial mechanisms should be fully exploited to make available the benefits of information and communication technologies, a thorough review of their adequacy in meeting the challenges of ICT for development should be completed by the end of December 2004. This review shall be conducted by a Task Force under the auspices of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and submitted for consideration to the second phase of this summit." UNDP has been asked by the SecretaryGeneral to lead the Task Force, in collaboration with key partners. The following issues paper does not necessarily reflect the views of UNDP, which should not be held responsible for its contents. The issues paper is being distributed in connection with the first meeting of the Task Force on Financial Mechanisms. Its purpose is to present an initial overview of the main issues to be addressed by the Task Force, to stimulate discussion and debate about the research, analysis, findings, and recommendations to be considered. All of the ideas, perspectives, and issues raised in this paper remain open to full review and revision through the Task Force's deliberations.

Written Comments may be submitted to: [email protected] (this email address never worked)

Key Issues & Discussion Questions: What should be the primary focus and objectives of international development assistance in relation to ICTs over the next decade, given market, technical, and economic trends? How can ICT be integrated with, and measured against, other priorities for development support? How can diverse and independent ICT programs of many separate donors and funding agencies be better coordinated, on national and global levels, to assure maximum impact and resource utilization? Emerging and Innovative Financing Mechanisms There are in addition a number of interesting innovative financing mechanisms, which are not elaborated upon here. The creative "middle" will be the subject of discussions at the Task Force meeting.

Next Steps All of the ideas, perspectives, and issues raised in this paper remain open to full review and revision through the Task Force's deliberations. Based on the recommendations of the Task Force a draft report will be produced. The document will be shared and will draw on consultations with stakeholders. The report of the Task Force will be finalized at its next meeting on November 29th in New York.

Full document : ( Issues Paper Launch Meeting 4 October 2004 )

After much delay, the Online Forum on Financial Mechanisms ( other link ) occured from October 25 to November 25, 2004. The Forum comprises 4 threads :
    • THREAD 1 : Most pressing needs and opportunities ?
    • THREAD 2 : How to harness and reinforce human resources ?
    • THREAD 3 : Efficiency of existing financing mechanisms ?
    • THREAD 4 : Innovative Mechanisms ?