WSIS Civil Society Working Group

on Information Networks Governance


Second IGF meeting 2007 : 12 - 15 November 2007

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

                    Proposals for speakers in the main IGF sessions in Rio

Alphabetic order by NAME:

    Name               Affiliation  Country  UN Language  Gender Session

   Boubacar BARRY         ACSIS      Guinea    french        M  CIR, Security
   Tijani Ben JEMAA       ACSIS      Tunisia   arabic        M  TS&WF, Openness, Diversity
   Beatriz BUSANICHE      Via Libre  Argentina spanish       F  Openness
   Tatiana ERSHOVA        IIS        Russia    russian       F  TS&WF, Access, Diversity
   Dr. Divina FRAU-MEIGS  Paris III  France    spanish       F  Diversity, Openness, Emerging Issues

   Dr. Liss JEFFREY       McLuhan    Canada    english       F  Access, Emerging issues
   Dr. Robert KAHN        CNRI       USA       english       M  CIR, TS&WF
   Viola KREBS            ICV        Switzerland   french    F  Access, Openness
   Guanghao LI            CNNIC      China     chinese       M  Diversity, CIR, Access
   Edgard MANDRAULT       ACSIS      Gabon     french        M  Diversity

   Diana MERCORIOS        ACSIS      Eritrea   english       F  Access, Diversity
   Dr. Francis MUGUET     ENSTA      France    french        M  Emerging Issues
   Delphine NANA MEKOUNTE ACSIS      Cameroon  french        F  Access, Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony
   Nnenna NWAKANMA        ACSIS      Nigeria   english       F  Diversity
   Y.J. PARK              ZAK        Korea     english       F  CIR, Emerging Issues

   Louis POUZIN           Eurolinc   France    french        M  Opening Ceremony, CIR, Diversity
   H.E. Adama SAMASSÉKOU  MAAYA      Mali      french        M  Closing Ceremony, Opening Ceremony
   Baudouin SCHOMBE       ACSIS      DR Congo  french        M  Security, CIR
   Dora SENDE             ACSIS      Cameroon  french        F  Security, Acces
   Dr. Gautam SENGUPTA    U. Hyderabad  India  english       M  Diversity

   Ramata SORE            ACSIS      Burkina Faso  english   F  Access, Openness
   Francis SOWAH          ACSIS      Ghana     english       M  Access, Diversity

- - - - -

   Gender balance: 11 ladies, 11 gents.

   Linguistic Diversity :

   arabic   1
   chinese  1
   english  8
   french   9
   russian  1
   spanish  2

   Geopolitical diversity

   Africa  11
   Asia     3
   Europe   5
   Latin America 1
   North America 2

- - - - -

Proposals by session:

    * Opening Ceremony : Samassékou, Pouzin, Nana
    * Critical Internet Resources CIR : Kahn, Barry, Park, Schombe, Li
    * Access :  Nana, Jeffrey, Sore, Sowah, Ershova, Li, Mercorios, Sende, Krebs
    * Diversity : Mandrault, Li, Nwakamma, Sengupta, Frau-Meigs, Mercorios, Sowah
    * Openness : Busaniche, Krebs, Frau-Meigs, Sore, Ben Jemaa
    * Security :  Schombe, Barry, Sende
    * Taking Stock and the way forward  TS&WF : Ben Jemaa, Ershova, Kahn
    * Emerging Issues : Park, Muguet, Jeffrey
    * Closing Ceremony : Samassékou, Nana