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Opening to competition the namespace infrastructure

Announcement and Open Call to Contributions

by Francis Muguet, 05 August 2009 version

To all stakeholders

Following the presentation at the WSIS Forum, ( Opening to competition the namespace infrastructure - Net4D 20 May 2009, Geneva ), and in line with the outcomes of the last ITU Council Working Group on WSIS , where ITU was requested to study the evolution of the future internet, ITU contracted Dr. Francis MUGUET ( KNIS ) as an expert, for the next coming months, with the following tasks :
  • 1 Explore the technical possibilities allowed by the use of the class parameter ( cf.RFC 5395 superseding RFC 2929) in order to open to competition the DNS namespace services infrastructure of IP-based networks ;
  • 2 Assess the consequences in terms of IP-based networks ( including Internet ) policies and governance, as well as for the general economy, in particular to confront the economic crisis ;
  • 3. Assess other applications, as appropriate, such as,inter alia, tools to enable the semantic web, to facilitate linguistic diversity, to improve security , and to provide namespace services for the “Net of Things”, and “Next Generation Networks”.

We request your kind contributions and suggestions ( whether open or confidential, formal or informal ).
This research would be conducted in the most inclusive manner.The output of this exercise is going to be reported to ITU members states and should comprise at least two documents, available in an open access manner:
  • A background paper for the general public
  • An issue paper for decision makers, analyzing the policy aspects of the usage of DNS classes,