WSIS Civil Society Working Groups

on Financial Mechanisms ( ) &

on Scientific Information. ( )

Brief Joint Communication

CSTD Intersession

WSIS follow-up and methods of work of the CSTD,

including preparation and organisation of the 11th session

Kuala-Lumpur 30 November 2007

In compliance with the WSIS assessment mandate of the CSTD, it is proposed, that the CSTD should constitute Assessment Lines facilitated by specific UN agencies and other organizations, The suggested four post-WSIS Assessment Lines are :

A1: Official Development Assistance ODA ( UNDP, World Bank, EU-EFD)

A2: Multi-stakeholder Partnerships ( UNCTAD, ITU )

A3: Innovative Financial Mechanisms ( UNCTAD, DSF )

A4: Infrastructure and International Interconnection costs ( ITU, UNCTAD, a representative body of African Union, e.g. ATU )

Facilitators and co-facilitators have been suggested on a exploratory basis, and CSTD could select other facilitators as appropriate, after an inclusive consultation process.

It is also kindly suggested to establish a synergy between the two mandates of the CSTD :
 1) its Science for Development specific mandate and
 2) its overall WSIS assessment mandate,
concerning the organization in May 2008 of the WSIS e-science action line meeting with the full participation of the governmental scientific representatives at the CSTD, to avoid duplication and increase efficiency.