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Third IGF meeting

3 - 6 December 2008, Hyderabad, India.

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  • Formation of the Internet of Things Dynamic Coalition.

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  • From the MAG Summary Report ( 28 Feb. 2008 ), The final programme will be defined in light of the proposals made for holding workshops and best practice forums. In order to speed up planning all interested stakeholders are invited to submit proposals by 30 April. Preference will be given to organizers who submitted a report of events they staged in Rio de Janeiro.

    From the Draft Outline program ( 26 March 2008 ) :
    Two days with general themes and main sessions focused on specific issues and not general overviews.
    Some workshops could be held on themes defined by the MAG (main workshops), but organized by others who respond to a call for proposals.

    Main workshops, which are linked to the main sessions and workshops on the five ( ? six ? ) substantive themes, are not to be held in parallel to main sessions.
    • Low cost sustainable access
    • Multilingualization
    • Implications for development policy
    • Critical Internet resources
    • Arrangements for Internet governance
    • Global cooperation for Internet security and stability

    These sessions will be designed to explore detailed issues of the main themes. As such all interested stakeholders are being invited to submit proposals for workshops in a similar way as was done for the previous meetings of the IGF. In addition, some proposals may be initiated by the IGF Secretariat or the MAG. The main workshops will be scheduled before the main plenary session on the same theme, thereby allowing detailed debate to be fed into that session. These workshops will be supported/facilitated by the IGF Secretariat, but organized by the proposer of the individual session. Each session will conform to the WSIS principles of multistakeholder participation in both the proposal to the IGF Secretariat and in its implementation. As important as the multistakeholder approach is the need to present different perspectives on the issue under discussion.

    Other workshops may be held in parallel to the main sessions, depending on the quantity and quality of the proposals.
    All organizers of events (workshops, best practices etc) will be asked to commit themselves to submit a report on their event. Non-submission of a report will disqualify the organizer for the following year.
    Preference will be given in 2008 to those who did submit a report for 2007. (Submission of reports is still possible and encouraged.)

    The IGF meeting in Hyderabad should also allow for a number of open workshops where multistakeholder groups can host a meeting. The scheduling of these workshops will be determined by the IGF Secretariat on the basis of maintaining a balance across the issues and efficient use of meeting space.

    Best Practice Forums
    The aim of these sessions is to demonstrate, in a multi-stakeholder environment, some of the best practices that have been adopted with regard to the to key IGF themes in general and to the development and deployment of the Internet in particular. The sessions can have either a thematic or a country focus. The presentations will be based on a common template. Presentations should not only cover practices that were successful, but also focus on challenges and mistakes. Thus, `lessons learned' would be an important output of these sessions. They will be moderated by independent experts/hosts and participants will be given the opportunity to ask questions and make comments. The aim is to provide a space to discuss what constitutes a best practice' and share relevant information that can be transferred to other situations and strengthen capacity- building activities.
    Duration of Best Practice Forum meetings: 90 minutes.
    Deadline for submission of proposals: 30 April 2008.

    Dynamic Coalitions meeting
    List of Dynamic Coalitions ( October 2008 )

  • List of Dynamic Coalitions meetings
    The meeting will provide space for the dynamic coalitions to meet and further develop their proposals. All Dynamic Coalitions are requested to present a report on their achievements so far in general and on their activities since the Rio meeting in particular. The reports will be posted on the IGF Web site.
    Duration of these meetings: 90 minutes.
    Deadline for submission of reports: 30 June 2008.
    The reports will be taken into account in the allocation of rooms.

    Draft Program 3 - 6 December 2008, Hyderabad, India.
            3 December 
            Curtain raiser, tutorials, workshops 
            Opening ceremony/Opening session 
            4 December 
            Universalization of the Internet - How to reach the next billion 
            (alternate title: Expanding the Internet) 
    	1100 - 1300: Low cost sustainable access 
    	1400 - 1600: Multilingualization 
    	1630 - 1830: Implications for development policy 
    	Host Country Reception 
    	5 December 
    	Managing the Internet 
            (alternate title: Using the Internet) 
    	1100 ­ 1300: Critical Internet resources 
    	1400 ­ 1600: Arrangements for Internet governance 
    	1630 ­ 1830: Global cooperation for Internet security and stability 
    	6 December 
    	0900 ­ 1100: Taking stock and the way forward 
    	1130 ­ 1300: Debate 
    	1400 ­ 1600: Emerging issues 
    	1630 ­ 1800: Closing Ceremony 

  • The IGF has moved from Delhi to Hyderabad

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