WSIS Civil Society Working Group

on Information Networks Governance


Short Introduction to the

overall WSIS Implementation/Follow-Up Process

The WSIS Follow-up as is UN mechanism to review and assess the progress made in the implementation of the recommendations and commitments contained in the outcome documents of the Summit. It is not entirely a multi-stakeholder process. The WSIS Implementation is a set of mechanisms that should apply to what happens “on the ground / in the field”, at national, regional and international level. The distinction between "follow up" and "implementation" seems sometimes artificial. The Geneva Plan of Action is implemented within the framework of Action Lines. This process is slow, but it is definitively starting. Concering the implementation of the first part of the Tunis Agenda ( Financial mechanisms for meeting the challenges of ICT for development ) there is very little progress since there is no implementation mechanism. ( see WSIS-finance Working Group for more info ). Concerning the implementation of the second part of the Tunis Agenda ( Internet Governance ), an Internet Governance Forum has been established with a very precise mandate that has been barely implemented. However the first meeting in Athens has been a success in terms of attendance, while many IGF Dynamic Coaltions ( entities not mentionned in the mandate ) have been created. Another governance-related mechanism, the "enhanced cooperation" is still in limbo.
There are other UN process operating in the context of the WSIS, such as the UN Global Alliance. The Civil Society Bureau is maintaining a very useful event calendar.