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The P2Ptelevision.Net overall project includes two components :
  • A Free Software Project so that the necessary software tools, client and server, are available to all.

  • A Open Access Content Project that is focusing on making available to all specific alternative contents. Currently we are using Video Google while waiting for our software to be ready. At any rate, we plan to keep continuing to use Video Google as a lower quality delivery option to users that, for a variety of reasons, do not use P2P clients.

The P2Ptelevision.Net started initially as a project to make available the extremely abundant and rich content related to Digital Arts, which is currently unavailable due to the quasi-monopolistic situation of the Media which is caused by the fact that a significant financial investement was needed, until now, in order to start an Internet TV station with the required bandwith. Then, it evolved by including a Free Software development project. The software is going to be tested first in our content Projects, and will be customized for those projects.

The P2Ptelevision project was presented at the WSIS as well as involved in making and recording interviews and some parallel events ( Monday 14 - Saturday 19 November 2005 )